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Barbara Faurggio

David is very knowledgeable about all the nuances of long-term care insurance. I have found him to go out of his way to meet with clients and to provide the most effective plan for the client's needs. David has empathy and a very caring approach.

Susan Catalano

David Katz is an expert in Long Term Care, and I highly recommend him. He is thorough, honest, helpful, kind, smart, and enjoyable to be around.

Mark and Josefina R.

We have been working with David Katz, agent, on these policies. I have to say David has been very patient and extremely informative during the exploration and application process. While I came into the process a bit skeptical, it was only through David’s explanation and examples that I became comfortable in understanding the power of the LTC instrument. We sincerely appreciate his engagement.

Eve Lashar

I had been putting off getting a policy, but I realized that I did not want to be a burden to my children and so I thought it was time to get started! My inquiry through my teachers' union was assigned to David Katz. When David phoned in response to my inquiry he was extremely knowledgeable, sensitive to my concerns, and very helpful in filling out the many pages together with me online. It was a great experience completing everything online. Technology is wondrous. It was easy and quick. David worked with me and explained all the possible policies including their pros and cons, as well as what would best suit my needs. He was kind, patient and very thorough, as I had many questions and needed him to re-explain some of the various options. David followed up with me throughout the underwriting period and even contacted me to congratulate me when I was approved. He went above and beyond my expectations! I would highly recommend David Katz to anyone considering a long-term care policy, and I have already given his name to several friends of mine.

Ernie Addario

I've known David Katz Professionally for over two Years. David knows Long Term Care Insurance inside and out. I had no idea of the intricacies of it until listening to David speak. A trust worthy Professional who listens to his clients, meets their needs and makes it all seem effortless.

Jamie G

I recently bought a long-term care policy through ACSIA Partners. David Katz did a fantastic job of explaining the various alternatives available regarding the different companies and types of coverages. He helped me choose the best option for me. The entire process was made very easy. Once I was approved, David sat down with me and we reviewed the entire policy, which hopefully, I won't need for a very long time. However, I now have the peace of mind knowing that it is in place in case I do.

Rob Piro

David is a stand-up guy. I've known him for a couple years as we conduct business with each other. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has a fantastic reputation amongst everyone in our mutual group that we both belong to. I've witnessed David assist many people with long-term care insurance. He has a gentle approach with this sensitive topic.

Leigh Overland

David Katz from ACSIA Partners is the person and company to use for Long Term Care Insurance. He is not only extremely knowledgeable about all the product options but gets the best process and does this with compassion and sensitivity. I would and continue to highly recommend David to my friends and family. Thank you David for being so helpful. Leigh Overland

John and Kari W.

Mr. Katz was a real pleasure to work with. Very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Really knew his stuff! John and Kari Wilmshurst

Joyce T.

I cannot fully express my gratitude for the service given to me by David Katz. His professionalism, knowledge, clear presentation and charming personality made my contact with him most satisfying.

William and Alice K

"My husband did not want to buy Long Term Care insurance but I forced him to do it. Then he had a stroke and a heart attack. Let me tell you how happy I was that we were covered with Long Term Care insurance." -William and Alice K., Branford, CT

Scott H.

“I wish my folks had bought Long Term Care insurance years ago. We thought the problems caring for my folks would go away but it got worse. Making plans when you are younger and healthier would have been the better decision.” -Scott H., Redding, CT

Jack L.

I am terrible for listening to ‘insurance salesmen’ in the evening after a long day at work. I am ready to eat and relax, period. However, in your case, you did an excellent job. You were thorough, on-point, and gained my total respect. I look forward to working with you in the future. You are exactly the type of person that I like to deal with. Thank you!
We have been working with David Katz, agent, on these policies. I have to say David has been very patient and extremely informative during the exploration and application process. While I cameā€¦ Read More

Mark and Josefina R.

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